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Sachin Sanghe, a young IT employee who is a passionate Miniature artist who creates wonderful sculptures in Chalk Piece and Pencil Lead. Let's read his success story today!

When did you start your journey with chalk pieces?

"It takes me back to almost fifteen to sixteen years back that is my school days, probably in my 8th or 9th standard, I don't exactly remember when though. I've never been trained or monitored. I'm a self taught artist. I was very much interested in paints, colours, sketching and all.
My teachers would always ask me to write something on the board so that the class would copy it, because I always had a legible, clear, clean and a neat handwriting. And I used to write everyday news on the notice board, and subhashithas or quotes or something like that. So probably that's when I started with chalk pieces and stuffs. I initially would carve something on the chalk pieces I used to get. I started making the chalk pieces hollow from one end to another like a tunnel and it wasn't such an easy task. And every time in my bag I would have had chalk pieces. I have carved dozens of them in my school and gifted to my friends or relatives on occasions. That's how I started.

At that time no body, including me had no clue regarding these because we never had internet or social media. So it was interesting to all of us basically. And then for 2 or 3 years I did these and after joining my engineering I don't know why, I again kind of lost the touch of it and had no such craze for it. But then I got into HCL and for training I was sent to Chennai. Then I again thought of training and I took my tools and started doing it. It's been no looking back then after. Then first I tried doing Mahaveer teerthankar and in one shot I kind of succeeded but it was not so crispy but it was very nice. And now it's almost like 8 years and I am pretty sure I won't stop it."

What made you choose chalk over canvas?

"It's not like I chose chalk over canvas, but I was very much interested with art and I always wanted to do these things from school and all I was always writing all these board works on school like 'Happy New year' or 'Happy Ugadi' and even at home I used to write on blackboard wishing everyone. It somehow inspired me to take this as I always would be drilling chalk pieces, do some human faces, some structures. So I was a self taught artist, I didn't have any inspiration henceforth."

How much is Art connected to sculpting?

"Basically everything here is connected to Art. When I was a kid, I used to paint and do lots of artworks. So that helps me in getting the right symmetry and measurement. It helps me in doing 2D and the transformation from 2D to 3D. If my basic wasn't strong, today I wouldn't have been to make it so comfortable. But if you give me a paper today and ask me to draw, I may not because it's been ages since I've stopped."

There are many artists who just do all these for time pass, what would you tell them?

"It's just doing what you want to do and rather what you are good at. It's not like someone's also doing and let me also do it. If you know you are strong and definitely good at it, then you must follow it. You must be able to understand the medium of tools, symmetry and techniques and methodology. Even if you fail in your first attempt, it's fine but make sure you aren't demotivated or stop yourself. You must be always upgrading and learning new things from the old ones you've done.Because only an artist knows where he's wrong and where he maybe fooling people by covering his mistakes, so learn to accept and rectify. It's not a one time effort. It needs lots and lots of practice to become an expert in what you want to do and then you will definitely succeed one day!"

Chalk pieces are very delicate. So which kind of chalk pieces and tools do you use?

" I used to never use something fancy or special, it's just the normal chalk piece I've always used. Till 2015 I've used the normal tapering chalk pieces and after that I've started using the non dust ones which is available in the normal schools. Because the old ones had slight holes and stones which the no dust ones don't have. And tools as such are never fancy, I've used a simple dissection needle which I used to use in my college days. Another tool is a dentist's excavator which my senior who used to stay in my hostel had left it. And one of my friend gifted me a surgical knife, another friend of mine gifted me a small screwdriver. So basically I use the basic ones and I have never bought something, it's always someone have gifted me or given me and I'm using them."
Sachin Sanghe Artworks

Do you feel that in India only the normal art forms are recognized, but not such miniatures? And would you like to advice people regarding Chalk Art as a career?

"No, recognition is definitely there and people find it interesting and unique. People don't know very much about this. And through social media its become very famous now. There are many miniaturists who draw on a small space like a pebble or a leaf or wood. But pencil or chalk isn't very famous so I don't strongly know if there's a definite stream only for this. It's very good as a hobby, but as a career I don't really think so. Until you have a group of young enthusiastic artists who are totally involved and then there is a value to it.”

How many hours on an average do you take to complete one sculpture?

"It depends on the sculpture what you are trying to carve. The minimum time it takes to make one sculpture is 5 to 6 hours with simple things without any details. But I can make one Ganesha with Abhayahastha in 4-5 hours even without looking at a reference with ease. The one leg dancing Ganesha which I have done was around 15 to 16 hours. Narendra Modi took me around 3-4 days. For some, I have taken more than 100 hours and the Dandi march or the Hampi stone chariot or TajMahal 120 hours easily.”

How was your reaction when NAMO appreciated your work?

"I'd actually met him once in 2018 and had given him a few sculptures. And this time somewhere I was hopeful but I didn't know if it would practically work because there were celebrities, national leaders and crores of people wishing him that day. But fortunately, he appreciated my work."

Which all celebrities have you gifted your #Chalkruthis till date?

" My favourite cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was the first celebrity I met because I was such a big fan of him. I met him and gifted him one Ganesha, him holding the World cup and one of his portrait. Later, I've met Rahul Dravid. I also gifted the CEO of Cisco. I have gifted all the 7 constitutional hierarchy such as Narendra Modi, Ramnath Kovind, Sumitra Mahajan, Venkaiah Naidu and many more. In
South Indian, I have gifted to Shivrajkumar, Yograj Bhat and many more.
Once Amithab Bacchan had retweeted and followed my twitter and I had couriered him it. He wrote a small letter to me conveying his happiness."

What are your next plans?

"Whatever I am doing I want to excel and it has to be more Crisp and more perfect. As of now I don't have any such dreams. But in terms of #Chalkruthi I just have plans for workshops or teaching in school. But nothing is solid as such. I want to do it like teaching in small institutional plans but nothing is actually happening as of now. But probably in future I would build some team for that alone I cannot or I will not be able to do it, so I'll have to form a team and then plan. Actually primary school kids may not be able to do it. So as of now I'll plan to conduct some workshops and then that way it might lead me to take to some institute."

How do you manage your time to do all these amongst your busy IT life?

"It's the most commonly asked question. I have got in 2 days off that's the weekend Saturday and Sunday and that's enough for me. If something interests you, if your passionate to do it, you will be doing it. Even after coming from office I'll be doing it like on weekdays if there is some occasion demanding some sculpture to finish it. It's not like every weekend I spend time with chalk but most
of my weekends!"

How did you coin the name #Chalkruthi?

"I was looking for a unique name because I didn't want to name it the usual. I wanted to be very particular with chalk, I was searching and somehow I came up with this name aakruthi. It's like aakruthi made of chalk so I found it interesting and sounds good that's how it was coined."

DBoss art work Artsoul

And finally, What is your view on ArtSoul?

"ArtSoul is very good platform that have you given to many of the artists a solid and something unique stage to show their talents. And your interviews in all the Art forms shows the world and which is motivating and inspiring readers to pick up their hobbies which can be their career opportunities and pursue your hobbies and inspiring to take up some art form and continue it.
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Abhigna Arcot
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