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In the process of harmoniously uniting different talents and listening to their success stories, ARTSOUL brings a new avatar called "A talk with the Artists".

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Today's blog will be of a young entrepreneur who is also an actress,artist,social activist and a proud KANNADATHI !! Samyukta Hornad.

At which age did you start your journey with colour?

"Probably, at a very young age I started colouring. Most of the parents give colours to children to just keep them occupied with something. That's what my parents did to shut my mouth.
And then after a few years, I shifted to Bombay and got into theatre almost for an year. So, then I had to channelize all my emotions and feelings into one form, that's when paints helped me to survive from many things happening in life. As I was into theatre, I had a very less time to paint. But I used to love painting poems and about the people around me.”

Coming from a cinema and a theatre family, what made you fall in love with colours?

I believe that art flows from one form to another. A man is always conscious of his environment. He is a very keen observant and is sensitive about the things happening around him.  
Colours and art makes me happy and alive. I love to paint and doodle. Not only art, but anything that I'm passionate about makes me happy.  Honestly, to anyone's surprise I used to doodle a few dialogues on my movie sets too..”

Who/What is your inspiration behind your paintings?

“Basically my paintings are generally about animals. Even if there are people in my paintings, someway or the other an animal is there in it! I'm very much emotionally attached to nature and the elements of the earth. I see a colour and an art all around me. Depending on my emotions, my colours to paint change. Many a times they're black and white or they're totally filled with colours.

Even while painting I'm generally around some plants or flowers or nature as such. You can never see a car or A building or any of these in my paintings. Many of them believe that I'm from some remote village . But I stay is the city here. Like I'm the "CURATOR OF ANIMALS". Because even my friends started gifting me something related to animals and nature with mere coincidence!”

What kind of art forms do you like?

Honestly, I love paints. I have never had love towards a particular art form. I like to cherish the essence of all kinds of arts. I observe things very keenly. As of now, I've started doing portraits as I've never done it before... Recently I'd been to Spain to witness the world's best museums and galleries. I loved them all. So I don't have a definite love towards some art form. Probably after six months, I may want to start symmetry. It totally depends on me. So it's not sure of what may interest me forever.
Now I've even started to draw a few paintings with non human forms. It may sound a bit weird but they're something which has lot of meaning in it. You need to witness it to understand it's intent. Basically, if you pay attention to one thing, it automatically becomes interesting either in Life or Art.”

You have started an unique platform for all the artists around here, so can you just tell us about your artery space?

Artery space is a studio which is place where people can experience colours and others can witness the beauty of paints. It's a small space where young artists are encouraged to see all their works. 
Initially I had out up a message on social media regarding this place and the idea. But to my surprise, I got various responses from all over the Nation. There are about 150 talented artists in Artery Space today. And honestly there was no strategy or plans made to give this life. 
All this started when I was selling art in a cafe called "The Hoot", here in Bengaluru. They were launching my label. I started selling these paintings for money because I'd exhausted every penny of mine there in Bombay. So, some guy from California wanted to buy my painting for Rs. 12000 INR because it was his favourite poem. And I had always underrated my paintings and was surprised to listen to this price for my piece. I had no clue that someone would buy my painting for such a huge amount. I had 25 different paintings and I started selling it across. So that's how Artery Space took its birth. It was a small internet space before, but now it's a place to share and spread colours. I don't not let boundaries around me. 

In this one year, there were about 53 workshops and exhibitions conducted. So basically Artery Space has become ‘The curator of artists'.” 

What was the Motto behind Artery Space?

“Artery Space means the way of art. It means Art connected to heart. Heart to  our mind and mind to the matter. It's just to Follow your heart and to be honest to yourself. And home is where the art is and it's the starting point of everything.”

What would you like to share a few words to our amateur artists?

“There are many  people who leave paintings here because, their parents think that these are little waste of time rather than studies. There are many people who give up and are passionate. So for all of those we are like backups! Don't stop yourself from anything. But be ready to balance things happening around you. 

It's very important to use your right brain and you aren't supposed to do things blindly. You must know which serves you the best!?

Be passionate and protect your things!”

What all workshops do you conduct in artery space?

“Acting, dancing, hula hoops, pencil sculpting, pencil sketching, charcoal painting, boutique classes, script writing, seed balls, Ganapathi, oil painting, art therapy, organic soap making, moziacs, painting and the list goes on… We have almost 150+ artists with us."
We have conducted more than 10,000 classes till date

How do you juggle with yourself being an artist, being in cinemas and as a social worker?

“I love meeting new people and I have been meeting beautiful people in artery space. It has become my new ambition in life to meet different people. When I meet an artist, I bind a different energy with them.

Animals make me feel alive like when I am in front of the camera. I have been following that makes me happy and it’s a great feeling. You should be conscious of what makes you feel right and nice. Life becomes happy and peaceful thereafter. I generally don’t get bored because I love talking to people. These all have been routed because of my travelling. To me, charity and giving is satisfaction. I am still confused because being an entrepreneur, I have been awarded the  “BENGALURU YOUNG ACHIEVERS AWARD” and I have been talking to hundreds of women now. None of these are planned.

In life, ‘SAY NO’ to a few things so that there is a new path for the ones you have been looking to open up.”

Abhigna Arcot
Author | ArtSoul Blog Section

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