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In the process of harmoniously uniting different talents and listening to their success stories, ARTSOUL brings a new avatar called "A talk with the Artists"

Here we let you read the plights and trails of successful artists from all over the space. Their stories may turn into your inspiration and interest you to passionately fall love with your own fields.
Today we have fastest Kannada Rapper, Machine Gun of Kannada- MC BIJJU

1.What made you rap initially?

“When I was in my 3rd or 4th grade, I used to write poems, And my parents were also into writing, so my childhood was always inspired by poetry and literature. As time passed, I once heard URBAN LADS, That’s the first ever Kannada metal rap with a mixed genre in 2006. That’s when I realized rap is nothing but poetry which has a rhythm. It has a few rules and regulations. I was more into it because I felt rap is a little complex. And not everyone likes complexities. I used to listen to Eminem and all very much. Being inspired by them I started writing in my college days. And since then, I’ve been rapping.” 
MC Bijju Rap Kannada Songs

2. Rapping as a career and rapping as a hobby. Indian parents are a little stereotypical. So when you wanted to become a rapper, how was your family’s reactions?

 “I never told my family about it when I started rapping because they would be scared of me being dragged into negative things and lose my time. I used to study and meanwhile when I had time, I used to work on songs and things. I generally would bunk college and sit somewhere compose and write my songs.”

3. What were your initial challenges?

“My initial challenges were too much out of the box, Because when I generally started there were these middle aged crowds on Facebook. Whenever I used to put a status, they generally would challenge and point at your mistakes. But I started taking it as a challenge. And when I told them that I’m rapping in Kannada back then, I would get messages saying that we were damaging Kannada, And the point is they wouldn’t have heard it. But now people accept it, but back then it wasn’t so easy. I was just adding a rhythm to my poetry,And at home, when I finished my engineering, my parents were asking me to set up my career in software or any work.  And then, I told them about what I was doing and how much I was earning. But they were a little against it and started hiding my books. But one I finished my engineering, then I actually thought of taking this as my career until then it was a hobby, And now most of them who are still in a hobby stage like people who are working or studying. Make a career without concentrating only on commercial aspects and all."
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4. Public has a critical mindset about lyrics in a rap. What is your opinion on this?

'"Naan kannadiga' was released a few years back, and back then there were a few people who had made a group and started speaking nonsense about rap. And there was a celebrity who spoke ill about rap and these things are misleading people. They are the ones who are supposed to give light but they spoke badly about it.

And when people who roam on roads with guitars can sign 1.5-2CR contract understand that rap has such an impact. It not only changes one’s life but also a millions of them who are listening to it. It is something like an aggression which every person must have and our kannadigas have a lower level of aggression. Movies have no aggression and kannadigas get aggression which is passive, direct, sarcasm and many more kinds.
Rap is a genre for people below the age of 40 because people above 40 cannot comprehend with rap because it doesn’t get along with them. “Nan kannadiga” had a great impact because people who hesitated to speak were also given back properly.”

'Howda' is a song which was dome by Rahul based on molestation on the New Year happened in Bengaluru. The lyrics told properly about what was the real incident which clearly told they were the migrants. And due to this song three were many changes happened when the whole world was blaming bengalurians. And there also a few love songs in rap. There a few tracks where it is too explicit and vulgar where those people who oppose they might have heard all those and assume all rappers are the same. Rap has impacted lots of people and helps young people are now sitting and writing songs."

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5. “SOCIAL MEDIA IS SAID TO BE A WEAPON TO SHOWCASE YOUR TALENT” – what is your opinion on this?

"Internet was there when I started rapping and all. It’s not like we are old. We didn’t know how to use it, because going to cyber was a crime.

SOUND CLOUD & REVERB NATION were the websites which was used to portray our audios only with 500-600 listeners and we would be happy then. After 2-3 years we saw the advent of Facebook, instagram, YouTube and all. Instagram was and is a big boom now. All collaborations or shows from different states and people or producers happen though instagram. It’s such a massive important thing that I have a manager to handle my instagram account now. Social media is a platform where anyone can become an overnight star with a few apps in their hands"

6.You are known as the “machine gun of Karnataka”. What efforts does it take to make you unique from the others?

"This is something I am proud of. There are 5-6 fast rappers and are actually faster than me. The only thing that there not getting limelight is they’ve started recently which is not wrong.  But I’ve been doing it from 8-9 years so I know a few techniques which matter. It depends on the lyricism. I generally use a triplet flow which has a three letter word which makes fast and helps to be even faster and audible. I don’t like to sing rather I use a tune and try to rap which makes it sound a little better. And personally I do vocal exercises, drink warm water, and can’t eat cold items. People think fast rapping is adding 10-12 syllables and it’s done. But it needs a connection. And my rhyming pattern is different where it rhymes at times in the starting, middle, end or at times every word rhymes. That’s why I like complexities so that everyone can’t sustain in it."


"It was the first year when the independent artist category was there and I haven’t filed any nomination now because I’ve been doing R&D about marketing and stuff. KIMA was fun and I was really happy. There were many people like Ricky and all appreciated and I felt it was a milestone which I can never forget".
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8. Next projects ?

"An aggression which is pointed specifically to some people and this song is called as “MAKKUGIRI”. The lines go on like “Mak mak makugiri jaathi raajakarana mado raajakeeyarige. Mak mak mak ugirri bitti shoki madi danda pinda anskondavrige. Mak mak mak ugiri insta facebook alli bhikshe bedo avrige. Mak mak mak ugiri indicator hakde gaadi turn madovrige”. The primary objective is on the government and its branches and how messed it is. The secondary concern is where the kids are being spoilt with internet. Like when all these kids are getting spoilt by various things I wish they listen to these and bring a change. So these youngsters especially college people have two options now, either thy scold me or cut that shit down. Either of the point I win. The other section where this track shed light on is how one girl or one person should support the other. For example, we know many celebrities but they don’t share our tracks, so same way a girl and a girl need to help themselves, These are some of the things that I’ve spoken in my song. This is also a song to disprove people who says rap is only vulgarity. I will be doing a few love tracks which aren’t the typical ones. You need to have a dictionary and understand those with some melody added to it"

9. If two singers collaborate, people have no issues. But if two rappers come together they have critical reasons. What do you say?

"Because in India rap became famous because of these scenes. There are a few rappers who didn’t even directly told it was against another but public assumed. Because in India you should do a controversy in social media specially to become famous. So everyone thinks aggression means vulgarity. If two rappers collaborate, there will be a healthy competition to show who can give justice to the art. I would add that not all these big artists could collaborate with other rappers from different states and countries. I feel because of their ego they aren’t collaborating. In the name of helping the language grow they are making some money. I think 2020 miracles might happen."
MC Bijju
10.What do you suggest the upcoming rappers?

"People come to my studio to enquire the budget to record the song. The first thing they ask me will this cross 10 million and all. Their main concern is only views and this is why most of the guys can’t write better. They always feel like his friend may have got 500 views extra and think that how can we taunt and be sarcastic by being away from the topic.

Main superiority or inferiority complex is a little high to any rapper. Research is the main thing before entering into any field for that matter. To become a doctor you need to spend years together, so to become a rapper spend a few months and research. For instance, if a person doesn’t have a camera and he goes around telling that he’s a photographer no one takes him seriously.
First research, analyse whether you can do it or not before releasing it anywhere. Make sure 5-6 strangers listen to it and then build your confidence and to be not trolled.

And what I would like to tell the rappers who are doing it for a few years is don’t make your whole life a struggle and put it in your songs. There are a few times in your life where you would have enjoyed try writing about it. I, for that matter have written about a shoe. I’m not a guy who cribs about life, I am a guy who thinks even though I am struggling I look at my shoe and feel happy.
People who are taking it as hobby, it’s their wish to have fun and not make it a career. If they want it to be a career with more exposure they have a few things where they can go without losing their ethics".

Abhigna Arcot
Author | ArtSoul Blog Section

MC BIJJU is a pakka KANNADA RAPPER/LYRICIST/MUSIC COMPOSER, Has done many international collaborations taking Kannada to new heights :)
His Kannada Rap Songs are very popular in Kannada RAP scene. 
He is the fastest Kannada Rapper and he truly deserves the title "Machine gun of Kannada"
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