About Us

Welcome to ArtSoul - An artist based merchandise label.

At ArtSoul, you will find the stunning art and design from our Artists on equally stunning lifestyle products.
ArtSoul is the one-stop destination for talented independent artists and lifestyle Shoppers
Currently we are collaborating with Artists from Karnataka to produce Kannada T-Shirts, Kannada Badges, Kannada Stickers. ArtSoul wants to be one stop destination for Kannada related premium products 

Why art is important?

Art is a meaningful and beautiful way of expressing one’s ideas and imagination in a form which can be easily appreciated. Artists view this world with a different lens and, by lending shape to their creativity, they are making us appreciate the beauties one would have never imagined before. Da Vinci’s greatest figment of imagination, Mona Lisa herself, captivates the world with her perfect smile.  If it was not for his art, we would never have got a chance to marvel at his creation. His talent made his imaginations tangible for us.

Why art should be on lifestyle? 

Fast forwarding to the present generation, we see that there are immense opportunities for these artists to present their skills. Art doesn’t have to be limited to just sketchbooks or drawing boards. I am sure people would love to wear their favorite Tee- shirt and make a statement; Coffee mugs, Apparel, Badges, Notebooks, Mobile covers, and many more other ways to exhibit their ideas.

What do we do at Artsoul?

We at Artsoul, interface with talented artists to give an outlet for their art, ideas, and imagination. We collect their designs and get them printed on products we use on a daily basis and importantly, the products which are popular. Apparel, coffee mugs, mobile covers, to name a few. The royalties and profits derived from these products are shared with the artists to compensate for their efforts and value their talent. By bringing in the art, artists, products under one umbrella, ours is a one-stop destination for all those art fans out there. All you have to do is pick a coffee-mug with your favorite character on it and start showing it off at work!


Core Values:

Ours is a company built to promote creativity. By having collaboration with artists and publicizing their designs on quality products, we are establishing a trend for appreciating/admiring truly beautiful designs. Customer service is of utmost importance to us and we thrive from the satisfaction of people who use our products. Every person involved in this journey works meticulously so that you feel happy when you wear that Tee-shirt.